November 2023 Blame It On the Movies
October 2023 Murder at the Class Reunion-MSP Museum Series
July 2023 Paper or Plastic-MSP in the Park
May 2023 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
February 2023 Rumors!
December 2022 Greeting's! - MSP Museum series
November 2022 FrUiTCaKeS
July 2022 Aw Shucks! - MSP in the Park series
May 2022 Sound of Music
February 2022 Farce of Habit
November 2021 Radium Girls
October 2021 Irish/Italian Wedding: A Climate For Murder
August 2021 On Golden Pond - MSP Museum series
July 2021 The Brother's Grimm Spectaculathon - MSP in the Park series
August 2020 Twains Tales - MSP in the Park series
February 2020 Sex Please, We're Sixty
November 2019 Brigadoon
September 2019 You Have the Right to Remain Dead
Summer 2019 Pan! (MSP Kids)
July 2019 Happily Ever After: A Wedding comedy - MSP Museum Series
May 2019 Farce of Nature
February 2019 Guys and Dolls
November 2018 A Charlie Brown Christmas & Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus
October 2018 Vintage hitchcock: A live Radio Play
Summer 2018 Mother Goose Comedy (MSP Kids)
May 2018 The Hiding Place
February 2018 Don't Drink the Water
November 2017 The Happy Elf
October 2017 It's Suicide, Sherlock
Summer 2017 Blather, Blarney, and Boulderdash (MSP Kids)
May 2017 The Butler Did It... Again!
February 2017 Lend Me a Tenor
November 2016 Seussical the Musical
October 2016 Dracula: The Radio Manuscript
Summer 2016 McQuadle (MSP Kids)
May 2016 Terror by Gaslight
February 2016 The Odd Couple
(female & male versions)
November 2015 Babes in Toyland
May 2015 Are You Being Served?
February 2015 Money Matters
December 2014 It's a Wonderful Life, The Radio Show
November 2014 Miracle on 34th Street
May 2014 Bus Stop
February 2014 Harvey
November 2013 FrUiTCaKeS
May 2013 You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
February 2013 Arsenic and Old Lace
November 2012 A Christmas Carol
May 2012 Nunsense
February 2012 Whose Wives Are They Anyway?
November 2011 The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
May 2011 Bleacher Bums
February 2011 Sex Please, We're Sixty
November 2010 School House Rock
May 2010 Let's Murder Marsha
February/March 2010 I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
November 2009 Lovers & Other Strangers
May 2009 Murder by Natural Causes
February/March 2009 Personals
November 2008 Steel Magnolias
September 2008 Oz!
May 2008 Father of the Bride
February 2008 Cinderella
November 2007 Brighton Beach Memoirs
August 2007 Check, Please
(The Best of Check, Please & Check, Please: Take 2)
May 2007 All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
October 2006 I Never Saw Another Butterfly
May 2006 The Night of January 16th
February 2006 The Nerd
November 2005 Diamond Studs
August 2005 A Night to Shine
Our 11th Annual Variety Show
May 2005 10 Little Indians
February 2005 Two by Two
November 2004 The Cemetary Club
August 2004 A Night to Shine
Our 10th Annual Variety Show
May 2004 The Drunkard - or - Down With Demon Drink
February 2004 Chapter Two
November 2003 Quilters
August 2003 A Night to Shine
Our 9th Annual Variety Show
May 2003 The Mysterious Mr. Love
February 2003 I Ought To Be In Pictures
November 2002 Night Riders
(co-producer Charlotte's Web)
August 2002 A Night to Shine
Our 8th Annual Variety Show
May 2002 Honoring Our Mothers
February 2002 Plaza Suite
November 2001 You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
August 2001 A Night to Shine
Our 7th Annual Variety Show
May 2001 The Mousetrap
February 2001 Love Letters
November 2000 Oklahoma
August 2000 A Night to Shine
Our 6th Annual Variety Show
May 2000 Blithe Spirit
December 1999 Messiah
August 1999 A Night to Shine
Our 5th Annual Variety Show
November 1998 Angel Street
August 1998 A Night to Shine
Our 4th Annual Variety Show
May 1998 The Odd Couple
November 1997 Messiah
November 1997 Mornings at Seven
August 1997 A Night to Shine
Our 3rd Annual Variety Show
May 1997 Godspell
February 1997 On Golden Pond
October 1996 Steel Magnolias
August 1996 A Night to Shine
Our 2nd Annual Variety Show
May 1996 Pump Boys & Dinettes
February 1996 Our Town
November 1995 Arsenic and Old Lace
August 1995 A Night to Shine
Our 1st Variety Show