Everyone’s favorite story of Peter Pan is now shortened and simplified for even the youngest audiences to enjoy! You’ll meet the dog Nana, who can’t stop the Darling children from following Peter and Tinkerbell through the nursery open window to Neverland. There, they make friends with the Lost Boys and Princess Tiger Lily as they encounter Captain Hook, his gang of wily pirates, and of course, the ticking crocodile. This fast-paced show is packed with adventure and ideal to introduce the boy who wouldn’t grow up to the next generation.

Introduced in 2016, MSP Kids is a one week program full of fun. Kids will learn the ins-and-outs of theatre, including the audition process, acting skills, costuming, set build, backstage work, and more. Each night will feature a 30 minute focus on a specific topic followed by a rehearsal for the end of the week when MSP Kids will perform a show for their family, friends, and community.

The program is focused toward children ages 7-18 who are interested in learning more about putting on a show or who simply want to do something fun and exciting in the summer.

MSP Kids was originated and is directed by Ronn Gordon Jr, a longtime member and Vice President of Main Street Players of Boone County. Ronn received invaluable assistance from his stage manager, Carlee Bottenfield. Their goal is to inspire, encourage, teach, and build a love for theater.

This one week camp costs only $10, which includes one ticket to the show. Camp t-shirts (optional) are available for an additional $15. At MSP Kids, we don't charge a large production fee because money should not be an issue when getting your child involved in theater.

MSP Kids will run Monday July 15, 2019 through Saturday July 20, 2019 from 6:30 – 9:00 pm. MSP Kids will perform two shows of PAN on Saturday (July 20). The first show will be at 10:00 am. The second show will be at 1:00 pm. Tickets to attend are only $5 for all ages.

MSP Kids will meet at the Community Building Complex of Boone County - 111 W 1st St, Belvidere, Illinois (Wednesday location TBA). Main Street Players of Boone County is an inclusive community theatre and we welcome kids of any experience level to come "play" with us - so register today!

Boone County Community Complex

All auditions are held at the Community Building Complex of Boone County.
111 West First Street | Belvidere IL, 61008