"Today was the first time I was able to attend a performance. I loved "The Hiding Place". It was very well done, and it was great to see the true story unfold before my eyes. Very emotional, and truly unforgettable."

Retha Ann Stout

"I loved the performance of Don't Drink the Water. The cast did an outstanding job!"

Sharon Thomas

"Nice talent, lots of enthusiasm for all shows I've seen!"

Doug Shiloh

"I love the hard work and the people involved In MSP."

Carlee Bottenfield

"This is our first year participating in a production of the Main Street Players. Grace is having a great time being a part of it. Ron is creative, talented, and encouraging. The cast is a friendly and fun. Rehearsals are well planned and information is communicated to parents in a timely manner. We're really excited that Grace has this opportunity."

Jeff, Julie, and Grace Miller

"Great productions every time! Also a great group of people to work with."

Jodi Johnson

"I've enjoyed watching and taking part in enough productions at MSP to realize this is a great group of people who really enjoy putting up theater of every variety. Looking forward to what's next!"

Todd Parker