Tennessee Williams "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"

*Auditions will consist of cold reads.*

Cast: 3 Adult Male, 1 Adult Female, characters needed.

NOTE:** This show was previously cast in February 2020. Due to Covid-19, we were unable to perform this show. We are now seeking opportunities for certain rolls. The rolls of Margaret “Maggie”, Big Mama, Gooper, and Reverend Tooker, have been cast. There are also opportunities for African-American rolls in the 1950’s **.

Audition dates: Sun. Feb. 26th, 2023 at 5:00pm & Mon. Feb. 27th at 7:00pm

Where: Community Building Complex of Boone County

111 W. First St.

Belvidere, IL 61008


In Tennessee Williams’ Pulitzer Prize-winning Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, the dysfunctional but wealthy Pollitt family gathers to celebrate aging patriarch Big Daddy’s birthday. But there is more to this gathering than a family reunion-- Big Daddy is dying of cancer, and he hasn’t decided which of his sons will inherit the estate. His options include favorite son Brick, who drinks himself into oblivion in order to bear the oppressive expectations of his determined wife, Maggie, or his less-favored son Gooper, his fertile wife Mae, and their five “no-neck monster” children. While sensuous Maggie “the cat” tries to work her wiles to secure a future for them, Brick spirals deeper into despair, crippled by both physical pain and emotional loss. Lurking under every practiced interaction between the Pollitts is an ulterior motive, under every smile, a challenge, and under every statement, the specter of mendacity. For the Pollitts, the truth is as hazy as the late summer sun in Mississippi, and sometimes the only way to find it is to journey through the lies.


Margaret - The play's cat. Maggie's loneliness and Brick's refusal to make her his desire, has made her hard, nervous, and witchy. The woman constantly posing in the mirror, Maggie holds the audiences transfixed. The exhilaration of the play lies in the force of the audience's identification with its gorgeous heroine, a woman desperate in her sense of loneliness, who is made all the more beautiful in her envy, longing, and dispossession.

Brick - The favorite son and mourned lover. Brick embodies an almost archetypal masculinity. At the same time, the Brick before us is also an obviously broken man because of his repressed homosexual desire for his dead friend Skipper.

Big Daddy - Brick's father. Affectionately dubbed by Maggie as an old-fashioned "Mississippi redneck," Daddy is a large, brash, and vulgar plantation millionaire who believes he has returned from the grave. Though his coming death has been quickly repressed, in some sense Daddy has confronted its possibility. In returning from "death's country," Daddy would force his son to face his own desire.

Big Mama - Brick's mother. Fat, breathless, sincere, earnest, crude, and bedecked in flashy gems, Mama is a woman embarrassingly dedicated to a man who despises her and in feeble denial of her husband's disgust. She considers Brick her "only son."

Mae - A mean, agitated "monster of fertility" who schemes with her husband, Gooper, to secure Big Daddy's estate. Mae appears primarily responsible for the burlesques of familial love and devotion that she and the children stage before the grandparents.

Gooper - A successful corporate lawyer. Gooper is Daddy's eldest and least favored son. He deeply resents his parents' love for Brick, viciously relishes in Daddy's illness, and rather ruthlessly plots to secure control of the estate.

Reverend Tooker - A tactless, opportunistic, and hypocritical guest at Big Daddy's birthday party. As Williams indicates, his role is to embody the lie of conventional morality.

Doctor Baugh - The sober Baugh is Daddy's physician. He delivers Daddy's diagnosis to Big Mama and leaves her with a prescription of morphine.

Performance dates:

May 12th, 13th, 19th, & 20th ,2023 at 7:00pm and May 14th & 21st, 2023, at 2:00pm

Community Building Complex of Boone County

111 W. First St.

Belvidere, IL. 61008

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